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This Is Not A Love Song is a memoir about mental health ... and love. It intertwines the raw, personal soul-searching of a young woman with a ‘stranger-than-fiction’ psychological thriller.

When Amber started working in the world of magazines, she never dreamed their focus would turn so close to home, when her best friend fell for (and married) a Danish prince. In the wake of the royal wedding fairy tale she finds herself surrounded by a sea of perfumed sharks. Wondering who to trust, she falls for the charms of a romantic rogue. But when Mr Wrong unleashes a barrage of bad publicity, it looks like there's no salvaging her reputation.

An unexpected lifeline is thrown when she's offered a role on reality TV show Survivor. On the island, she finds her inner hero … and yet another dangerous romance. After her stint on TV, and using manifesting techniques, Amber secures her ‘dream job' in radio. But the bubbly voice she portrays on air is just a sham in real life, as Amber sinks into depression while juggling a violent boyfriend and a toxic work culture.

When a ‘Gotcha’ call presents a wholesome love story, Amber finds herself caught up in another fairy tale, but all is not as it seems. When the appalling truth is uncovered, Amber is forced to take a stark look at the part she's played in inviting so many smiling assassins to take centre stage in her life.

She sees how the power of your thoughts, and manifesting, can bring your greatest dream … but also your worst nightmare.

This is Not a Love Song

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Paperback

    Publish date: April 26th 2021


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